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      Sale Amt or New Mtg          
      Previous Mortgage  
      Check all that Apply   Endorsements      
      ALTA 8.1-06 Enviromental Protection Lien    
      ALTA 9.1-06 Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals    
      Secondary Mortgage Market     
      Survey Endorsement    
      ALTA 4.1-06 Condominium     
      Survey Endorsement   NJRB 5-01                                         
      ALTA 5.1-06 Planned Unit Development    
      Variable Rate Endorsement    
      Other Fees    
      Examination       $            100.00  
      Closing Services Letter    
      Transaction Management     $              25.00  
      Notice of Settlement-Purchase $45, Refi $25    
      Tax Search    $              40.00  
      Jdgmnt/Pat Search@$12 ea. Enter No.     
      Tidelands Search    $              25.00  
      Courier and Photocopies    $              50.00  
      Total Title Fees and Endorsements        
          Add Standard Premium  
      Add Refi Premium  
      Grand Total    
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