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Author Michael A. Holden examines topics such as the world’s largest land owner, the origins of the United States land transfer system, the first “land restrictions” and many other topics about the Land Title Industry.

After working as both an agent and an underwriter, Michael Holden understands the critical partnership between them. Working as a title agent is a tough but rewarding job, and his goal is building a partnership that enhances a title agent’s success.

His family has served the title industry since 1920. He stepped into the business in 1989 and at one time owned and operated a large Missouri title agency. He has worked for two regional underwriters as national agency manager. He is an active member of ALTA, has served on several committees and the agents’ section committee to the board of governors. He speaks at state land title association conventions and provides CE classes to title agents in the Midwest.

His experience has afforded him a wide range of interesting experiences that he has gathered in this book.  It’s the perfect collection of short stories that as a person in the title business you will be sure to appreciate.

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