Three Questions You Should Answer To Be Successful In 2019

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By all accounts, 2019 will be more challenging than last year. But opportunity abounds! The pie may, or may not, be larger this year but your slice of it could!

The three most important questions you should answer this year…

Q: Have you audited your operations and processes recently? Is your team spending too much time in each file? Does your staff unnecessarily touch a file more than once? Is your title software synced up with your workflow?

A: Hire THE operations consultant experts in the title industry. Before you say, “They’re too expensive!”, stop. There are several brilliant title consultants who are reasonably priced and will have an initial conversation with you at no charge. They are gurus in the areas of workflow, operational efficiency and software optimization. Check out Kay Underwood and Brie McDaniel of and Stephanie Fullerton of These ladies are smart, super-talented and practically guaranteed to make your title business operate better.

Q: Has everyone in your company bought into the concept they are part of the “sales” process? I put “sales” in quotes, because it tends to be sort of a four-letter word around most offices. “I’m not in sales!” is not unusual for an owner to hear from someone with a title not ending in “rep”. But if your entire team isn’t in on growing the business your organization will suffer.

A: Enter “The first lady of sales”, Cynthia McGovern, PhD. Yes, she’s a doctor and she’s damn good at what she does. According to Cindy, “…everyone in an organization is a representative of that organization at work, at home,and at play. I think it is important leadership makes sure that everyone understands they are in sales and more importantly understands what they can do to impact the goals and growth of the organization. ”

From assessment, to strategy and then implementation, Cindy goes on to say, “I think it starts with redefining “sales” . It’s not the old school pushy sales that you find at a car dealership or in timeshare sales or something like that. It’s about understanding the needs of our customers and potential customers and finding ways to satisfy those needs.”

Q: Is your operation spending time unnecessarily pre-closing getting basic intake information from buyers and sellers? Does your team spend one or more hours on each file calling homeowners, leaving voicemail message or sending emails just to find out if they have an HOA (sellers) or how they want the property vested (buyers)…and more? Are you struggling to read their handwriting only to type incorrect information into your escrow file? Are you protected if anyone with funds to close wires their money to the “bank of the bad guys” because they received a spoofed email?

A: Title technology guru (yes, another “guru”!) Jim Adams has your answers. He knows how to apply technology, integrated with your title software, to reduce time in a file getting homeowner information, while protecting against wire fraud. He can eliminate sloppily filled out homeowner documents and double data entry (what a waste of time!) using a secure web portal to interface with your title software. Oh, and he can show you how to know when any homeowner you closed in the past is returning to the market! This is groundbreaking stuff that will give you the edge over your competition you’ve always wanted.

Million dollar (at least) answers that can make the difference between a good year and a great year!

Robert L. Reich, CEO, NextDeal

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